About Us

Below is a history of my kennel from 1989.

I struggle with getting this web site to be the way I would like it.   Just know that I breed about every two years. I just had a 2022 litter, and  I do not plan a litter in 2023.   Please contact me for more information.

I started in Ridgebacks in 1989 with a bitch from Oakhurst Kennels in Southern California.  Her name was Am / Can / Int'l CH Oakhurst V Muzuri Sana, Am / Can CD, and she quickly became the love of my life.  Vern (my other half) and my whole life changed.  I became very interested in the breed, and what they could do.  We bought a motor home so we could go to dog shows, a bigger van to haul crates and dogs, and quickly moved to a place in the country to have room to run, and able to have more dogs.

We spent several years showing "Zuri" and also a Rottweiler that Vern purchased named "Breeze".  At that time Vern was mostly interested in obedience, which we both enjoyed  participating in.  Rottweilers are more "obedience" driven than Ridgebacks.  Zuri still obtained her CD certificate, and could do all the exercises for her CDX.  She just did not enjoy it as much as I did, and that was mostly my fault.  She was my first obedience dog, and I had a lot to learn.  Zuri lived to be 13-1/2 years old.  I still miss her......she was my first.

I bred Zuri once, and got a one puppy litter, which survived to four months.  Was not sure breeding was for me, and quickly purchased another Ridgeback from the same kennel. Her name was CH Oakhurst Sarabi's Lion Queen  "Sara".   Six months later I purchased another puppy, and he became CH Van 'd Pier Mazarati Mzeke  "Zeke".  I had a great time with all three of my Ridgebacks, and they kept me quite busy.  I started doing agility with Zeke, and that became one of my passions also.

I bred Sara to CH Rare Earth's Quantum Leap, "Beckett" and kept a puppy that became CH Mwen-Yezi's Raz M'Taz. , "Taz". She finished her Championship easily, but I never bred Taz becuase of a health issue,
My next dog I purchased was from Danielle Sand, VMD of Ivy League Kennels.  Danielle had bred her beautiful bitch Ellie Mae, to Beckett, who has always been one of my favorite males of all time.  This was my second puppy out of Beckett.  This wonderful puppy became CH Ivy League's M'Kala of Mwen-Yezi, JC or "M'Kala".   She had so much personality it was hard not to make her my Princess.  I bred M'Kala twice.  Once to MBIS CH Oakhurst WGASA Morgan Run, and once to CH River City's Travlin' Man, SC "Travis." From the Morgan litter I kept CH Mwen-Yezi's Puttin' on the Ritz, OA, OAJ "Ritzee".  From the Travis litter I kept Mwen-Yezi's City Slicker, SC "Dude",  and Vern kept Mwen-Yezi Kalyana Mitta, OA, OAJ "Kaly". 

I later bred Ritzee to CH Ridge View's Cirque of the Towers, and did not keep anything from that litter.  I have regretted that many times, but all the puppies went to homes of friends, so they stayed close.  I then bred Ritzee to Am / Can CH Ridgeview's Leo the King of Stars, "Leo". I kept CH Mwen-Yezi's a Taste for Champagne, OA, OAJ, "Fizz". 

That brings the history up to date for my Ridgebacks over the last 23 years.   Except......I just bred Fizz, and she is due March 8th, 2012.   She has been bred to CH Ivy League's No Place Like Home "Homer".   I am very excited about this breeding.

2019.   A few litters since my last update.  We kept two of the Fizz / Homer litter.   In 2015 I bred Fizz to GCH K-Tai King Leon of Brenmar that produced 12 puppies.  Kept one out of that litter Twist.  Now GCH Mwen-Yezi's It's Five O'Clock Somewhere, SC, NJP, CGC, CA

in 2017 a litter was produced from Bodhi / Tipzzee with six in the litter.  All placed to great homes.

More to come on health checks, and the vaulues I place on doing the very best job I can!!!